Top Home Internet Packages in Dubai

In Dubai, numerous choices await for residential internet services, catering to those seeking novel connections or aiming to modify their current plan or supplier.

Top Home Internet Packages in Dubai
Top Home Internet Packages in Dubai

This piece delivers a synopsis of the diverse internet packages on offer in Dubai, assisting you in selecting the most fitting option based on your requirements and financial plan.

A Comprehensive Guide to Home Internet Packages in Dubai

When making a choice regarding a home internet package in Dubai, individuals in the city can select from two primary service providers: Etisalat and du.

Etisalat offers a variety of home internet plans, ranging from the Al Shamil broadband connection to the comprehensive eLife internet bundle, which comprises of landline, television, and internet services.

In a similar fashion, du provides home internet packages that encompass choices like du Home Starter, du Home Basic Promo, and more.

Acquiring Dubai’s internet plans is a straightforward process, accomplished by visiting the nearest Etisalat or du service center. The application procedure generally spans around a week, and meeting the requirement of being a Dubai resident is essential to qualify for home internet packages.

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For enrolling in du’s home internet offers, a minimum age of 21 years is obligatory. In cases where an individual is below the age of 21, subscription is still possible by submitting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from an individual aged at least 21, who consents to take responsibility for the internet account.

Top Home Internet Packages in Dubai

The price of a fundamental residence internet bundle in Dubai changes, contingent on the connection’s speed. You have the option to select from a broadband link or a blend of internet and television offerings.

The expenses of residence internet bundles can additionally be employed to compute the living expenses in Dubai.

Etisalat Internet Packages

Internet PackageSpeedTV InclusionsMonthly Price (AED)Contract Length (Months)
eLife Lite 100100 MbpsIncluded74912
eLife Lite 5050 MbpsIncluded59912
eLife Lite 2525 MbpsIncluded39912
eLife Lite 1212 MbpsIncluded29912
eLife Entertainment100 MbpsOSN Premium56924
eLife Sports100 Mbps120+ Sports43524
eLife Family100 Mbps150+ FTA35924
Unlimited Entertainment500 Mbps236+ Premium59924
Unlimited Sports500 Mbps262+ Sports46524
Unlimited Starter250 Mbps187+ HD38924
Ultra Fusion1 Gbps300+ HD81524
Ultra Sports750 Mbps262+ HD51524
Ultra Entertainment750 Mbps236+ HD63924
Ultra Starter500 Mbps187+ HD29924

Du Internet Packages

Internet PackageSpeedTV InclusionsMonthly Price (AED)Contract Length (Months)
Du Home Starter500 MbpsOSN+27224
Du Home Basic800 MbpsIncluded34924
Du Home Advanced1 GbpsIncluded40424
Du Home Ultimate1 GbpsIncluded (Premium TV, Entertainment Pack, Ultimate Pack, Essential TV)80424

How to Pay Internet Bill in Dubai

Simplifying the management of your internet subscription services and payments is effortless. Consider the following methods:

  • For Etisalat subscribers, online bill checking and payment are convenient. Visit the authorized website, complete the registration, and utilize your credit or debit card for transactions.
  • Furthermore, Du customers possess the choice to establish an account or get the Du application through the website.
  • The option to obtain the My Etisalat app is also present. This app facilitates convenient Etisalat bill payments.
  • An alternative approach involves utilizing your bank account for bill settlement. You’ll be required to furnish your bank account details to your service provider.

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