How to Get into the University of Pennsylvania: Tipsfor International Students

The University of Pennsylvania founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin is located in Pennsylvania and is
one of the universities belonging to the IVY League. In addition to being one of the most prestigious
private universities in the world, this university stands out in the areas of business, law, medicine,
education, arts, humanities, social sciences, architecture and engineering.
It is a university that was created with the aim of training young people to be leaders in the fields of
business, government and public services. Currently, the University of Pennsylvania continues with the
entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and the union of theory with practice.

How to study at UPENN as a foreigner? What do you need?

The University of Pennsylvania’s student population includes students from around 100 countries. This
makes it a diverse and dynamic student community. The admission process as an international student
is no different than the admission process for a local student.
This process is very simple to perform. , since you only have to fill out the online application, gather the
necessary documentation, conduct an interview and wait for the decision of the results.
Regarding documentation, it is important to note that unlike other universities, the F-1 student visa is
not an admission requirement. However, we recommend regularizing your immigration status.

What will they ask you at university? – Requirements

Certificate of studies that allows you to enter a university in your country of origin, along with
your official transcript in English.
Certificate of grades with official English transcript.
Letter of recommendation from the academic advisor.
Two letters of recommendation from teachers.
Personal portfolio, only for arts applicants.
Proof of English language proficiency, can be TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test.
If university entrance exams are conducted in the home country, they must be sent to the
admissions office.

What is the process to be accepted?

Apply online, this can be the common application or the coalition application.
Upload all required documentation to the application.
Pay the admission application fee of USD 75.
Schedule an interview with the admissions department.
Wait for the university’s final decision.
Once admitted, you must complete registration.

Tips for Studying at University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania seeks young people with intellectual curiosity, an interdisciplinary
mindset, and a desire to contribute something positive to the world. Therefore, its students are people
capable of turning their ideas and interests into actions that have a positive impact on the university

Prepare your English:

English: This university does not have conditional admissions, so you must have a
good level of the language. Keep in mind that although the minimum level required is B2, it is
best to have a level higher than this to be able to perform successfully at the university.

Personal portfolio:

portfolio: If you’re applying to an arts program, remember that one of the
requirements is a personal portfolio, so make sure it’s original and authentic. You must
demonstrate your personality, all of your abilities, and, most importantly, your potential for
performing in the arts. Remember that this university is looking for students capable of
producing positive changes in the educational community.

Recommendation letters:

These are also a requirement that you must meet. We recommend
that you speak with the professors in charge of the letters, in which they should reveal
something about you beyond just the grades obtained. These letters are part of your
presentation to the university, so they should reflect your commitment to your projects and
how you have created a positive impact in your educational community.

Can you work while studying?

If you need to work to finance your university expenses or living expenses while you work, you can do so
as long as you have an F-1 student visa. This visa allows you to work part-time during class periods and
full-time during recess periods.
Please be aware that the university has a work placement program for its students, which provides a
wide range of on-campus employment opportunities. This work placement program is part of the
financial aid package provided by the Student Employment Office of Student Financial Services.

Scholarships and Grants offered by Pennsylvania university

The University of Pennsylvania has a limited budget for student financial aid and inclusive aid policies.
Only students who demonstrate family financial need are eligible for this financial support.
For this reason, the university asks that if your family has the financial resources to cover your
educational expenses, you do not apply for financial aid. It is also important to note that financial aid is
based solely on economic need, so it does not offer athletic or merit-based scholarships.

Financial support:

Those who demonstrate family financial need may access assistance for up to
8 semesters, as long as they continue to demonstrate financial need. This financial support may
be renewed annually.


There are several residences on campus that allow students to experience the
intellectual diversity and strengths of the university outside the classroom.

University cafeterias:

The food services offer delicious, healthy food at all times so that students
can make use of these services.

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