Foreign Graduates Rally Against MDCAT Rules

Rally Against MDCAT Rules

A protest by international alumni took place on Tuesday outside Islamabad’s PMDC headquarters. The demonstrators voiced their discontent with the planned date for the MDCAT, an admission test for medical and dental colleges in Pakistan.

Foreign Graduates Rally Against MDCAT Rules
Foreign Graduates Rally Against MDCAT Rulls

Demonstrators contended that no nation globally necessitates a passing rate as elevated as 70%. Interrogations arose regarding the distinct treatment of international graduates concerning this matter.

Backing the movement, the progenitors of these scholars also participated in the protest. They expressed their worries about channeling all their savings into their offspring’s’ ambitions, solely to witness them encountering hindrances in procuring their licenses.

The demonstrating scholars overtly questioned the entity responsible for the verdict to heighten the passing scores for the entrance examination.

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The trend “DelayMDCAT2023” garnered notable attention within Pakistan’s digital realm following the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s declaration of the MDCAT exam date.

MDCAT bears great importance as it is a compulsory examination for individuals aiming to follow a medical and dental education.

The test serves as an entrance for acceptance into various public and private medical and dental institutions all over the nation.

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