E-Khidmat Center Launches in Quetta, Balochistan    

E-Khidmat Center Launches in Quetta
E-Khidmat Center Launches in Quetta, Balochistan    

The Baloshotan administration established the E-Khidmat / E-Service Center in Quetta, Balochistan. This move signifies the government’s commitment to launching innovative projects aimed at improving the well-being of Balochistan residents.

 The E-Khidmat center, introduced by the Balochistan government, was initiated with the goal of consolidating all essential services under one roof.

 The government consistently prioritizes transparency, efficiency, and streamlining of application procedures and various processes for its citizens.

To expand access and reduce the distance for delivering these essential services, the Balochistan government introduced an E-service center in Quetta, specifically designed to serve the underserved citizens of Pakistan.

Facilities in E-Khidmat Center Launches in Quetta

It is extremely convenient for all individuals to access major services at a single location. Additionally, it aids the provincial government in reducing the workload of district departments. These represent the advantages of E-Service Centers:

  • Automation of all matters within the revenue department.
  • Land digitalization.
  • Transfer of land ownership.
  • Simplified payment of registration fees for the Department of Excise Duty and Taxation.
  • Dedicated desks for Police Department affairs.
  • Metropolitan-related issues, such as birth certificates, character certificates, and other essential documents.
  • Introduction of specialized desks for NADRA and the Federal Board of Revenue.

During the initial phase of the E-Service center, four crucial provincial departments are extending their services to the citizens of Pakistan. Residents will have access to a wide array of services in a single location.

This makes it convenient for them to address matters pertaining to various departments. Digitization and computerization of various departmental services offer significant benefits to the public.

For additional information and services, please feel free to contact the Spini Road Quetta Girls’ Cadet College between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

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Benefits of E-Khidmat Center Launches in Quetta

  • Residents can access all the offerings from four key divisions in a single location.
  • This will enhance the departments’ internal effectiveness by decreasing the workload.
  • The facility will ensure the quickest possible transaction times.
  • It introduces fresh and up-to-date services to embrace contemporary best practices and modern values.
  • This will assist individuals in receiving services in the shortest amount of time.
  • Additionally, it aids in serving the maximum number of residents in a shorter timeframe.
  • It simplifies tasks for residents, such as documentation.

E-Khidmat Center Launches in Quetta

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