Comprehensive Guide Scotland Pakistan Scholarship Program

Scotland Pakistan Scholarship Program
Scotland Pakistan Scholarship Program

The Scotland Pakistan Scholarships for Young Women and Girls have been introduced by the British Council.

This initiative, generously supported by the Scottish Government, represents an innovative endeavor with the goal of guaranteeing women in Pakistan the opportunity for excellent education. This will empower them to achieve their complete capabilities and dreams.


The main goal of these grants is to motivate and ease the advancement of women in their journey for advanced learning, hence forming a richer and varied educational environment.

By offering financial assistance, the initiative strives to eliminate obstacles that frequently block gifted young women from reaching educational prospects.

Scotland Pakistan Scholarship Program


The Young Women and Girls Scholarships in Scotland for Pakistan will offer financial support for BS/MS/MPhil programs, accessible at any university recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan.

The advantages provided to the scholars receiving the scholarship comprise:

  • Payment of academic fees for chosen courses in qualified disciplines.
  • Help with accommodation expenses in university dormitories (if relevant).
  • Allocation for transportation costs to and from their residences to the university twice a year for students living in on-campus hostels.

Field of Study

This innovative project aims at a variety of essential educational fields, concentrating on domains with noteworthy societal influence. The grant covers a wide array of topics, comprising:

1. Learning

2. Renewable Power

3. Nourishment Safety and Farming

4. Medical Studies

5. STEM (for Master’s and MPhil programs exclusively)

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Eligibility Criteria

The scholarships from Scotland for Pakistan are specifically available for women candidates.

To qualify, potential candidates need to be citizens of Pakistan who presently live in the nation. Aspirants must also fulfill these requirements:

  • Registered in a four-year undergraduate program in the designated fields of study.
  • Possess an official acceptance offer from a university in Pakistan recognized by HEC.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusiveness, extra attention is given to young women with disabilities, individuals from rural origins, and minority communities.

How to Apply for Scotland Pakistan Scholarship Program

Tap the link to submit your application for the Scotland Pakistan Scholarships designed for Young Women and Girls pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in the year 2023-24.

Tap here to submit your application for the Scotland Pakistan Scholarships available to Young Women and Girls pursuing Master’s and MPhil degrees in the academic year 2023-24.

Deadline September 15th, 2023

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