PepsiCo Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia: Up to 8,000 Saudi Riyals Salary

PepsiCo Careers Dubai has unveiled thrilling job prospects, presenting the opening for you to commence on a life-altering professional voyage. Seize this chance to instigate a favorable shift in your life.

PepsiCo Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia: Up to 8,000 Saudi Riyals Salary
PepsiCo Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia: Up to 8,000 Saudi Riyals Salary


PepsiCo Inc. stands as a famous American multinational food and drink enterprise located in New York. Its inception dates back to 1965 after the fusion of Frito-Lays and Pepsi-Cola. With the passage of time, it has expanded into a worldwide label, encompassing six sectors: PepsiCo Beverages North America, Frito-Lay North America, Quaker Foods North America, Latin America, Europe Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia Middle East and North Africa. Boasting an extensive labor force of more than 263,000 global workers, PepsiCo achieves an impressive yearly income of over $65 billion.

PepsiCo Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia

  1. Brand Manager
  2. Research and development Associate manager
  3. Senior Manager, New Platform and technology – Occasion Based Packaging
  4. Area Sales Manager – Dammam
  5. HR Assistant Manager
  6. Production Labor
  7. EHS Training & Capability Manager
  8. Preseller
  9. Sales Supervisor
  10. Sales Internship
  11. Shift Manager
  12. Ocean freight Excellence Specialist
  13. Delivery driver
  14. Engineering Intern (Tamheer)

Qualifications and Required Documents:

A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is usually necessary for most positions at PepsiCo.

  1. Certain skills and work experience might also be necessary for specific roles.
  2. English fluency is generally a requirement, and knowing additional languages is advantageous.
  3. At PepsiCo, succeeding necessitates outstanding collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  4. Being able to display leadership potential and a strong enthusiasm for quality and innovation is greatly prized.
  5. Travel or moving to different locations might be expected based on the particular job and site.

Why Choose PepsiCo?

Employment at PepsiCo presents several compelling rationales:

  1. International Influence: PepsiCo stands as a multinational corporation with a worldwide presence, granting staff the potential to enact a significant influence on a global level.
  2. Varied Assortment: Possessing a varied array of renowned labels within the nourishment and refreshment sector, workers are afforded the occasion to participate in the development of captivating and pioneering commodities.
  3. Professional Advancement: PepsiCo remains devoted to fostering and augmenting its staff, providing myriad prospects for occupational progression.
  4. Incorporative Environment: The corporation fosters a broad and inclusive milieu of work, esteeming the input of each and every individual.
  5. Staff Wellness: PepsiCo places a premium on the health of its staff, furnishing assorted advantages and aids to bolster their physical and psychological well-being.

Applying for PepsiCo Careers        

If assurance exists regarding your alignment with the requisite prerequisites for this job opening, please dispatch your CV to the designated email address. When composing the subject line, specify the role you seek and enclose a meticulously composed introductory letter underscoring your suitability for this position. It’s vital to recognize that notable roles frequently amass a considerable array of submissions, hence guarantee the distinctiveness of your CV to enhance the likelihood of evaluation.

PepsiCo Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia

Job TitleLocationAction
Brand Manager Saudi ArabiaApply now
Research and development Associate manager Saudi ArabiaApply now
Senior Manager, New Platform and technology – Occasion Based Packaging Saudi ArabiaApply now
Area Sales Manager – Dammam Saudi ArabiaApply now
HR Assistant ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Production LaborSaudi ArabiaApply now
EHS Training & Capability Manager Saudi ArabiaApply now
PresellerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Sales Supervisor Saudi ArabiaApply now
Sales Internship (Tamheer) Saudi ArabiaApply now
Shift ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply now
Ocean freight Excellence Specialist Saudi ArabiaApply now
Delivery Driver Saudi ArabiaApply now
Engineering Intern (Tamheer) Saudi ArabiaApply now

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