How to Become a Foodpanda Rider: Job in Pakistan

How to Become a Foodpanda Rider

If you’re looking for a career that offers flexibility to accommodate your other responsibilities, consider becoming a FoodPanda Rider. By downloading the FoodPanda app and submitting your application, you can begin the sign-up process. Follow the steps below to complete your registration and soon you’ll have a reliable income to support both yourself and your family.

How to Register: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Install the FoodPanda application.
  2. Register by submitting the necessary documentation through the app or the official website.
  3. FoodPanda will check all the documents you submitted and get in touch with you for more information within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. You will receive confirmation by SMS, call, or email after the verification process is finished.
  5. Following your registration, FoodPanda will provide you your rider ID and password.
  6. Use your login information to access the FoodPanda Rider app.
  7. Decide on your work zone.
  8. Every Wednesday, specify your shifts for the entire week.
  9. Show up online and watch for order inquiries.
  10. Following the order request:
  • Take the order.
  • Take it back to the pickup spot.
  • Observe the schedule.
  • Deliver the package to the desired location.

Registration Requirements for a FoodPanda Rider

Foodpanda Rider

To become a Foodpanda rider, the registration process is quite simple and straightforward. Foodpanda riders can complete the registration requirements quickly and easily.

  • An Android phone (4.2. or newer) or an iPhone 4s (or newer) version
  • Motorcycle
  • Driving Licence
  • Valid CNIC
  • Jazz Cash Account
  • Jazz SIM
  • Above 18 years of age
  • GPS enabled mobile phone
  • Reference
  • Electricity bill copy
  • Picture

After the registration is completed, the company provides the following essentials to the rider:

  • Delivery box
  • T-shirt
  • Cap
  • Raincoat

Payment Method

Foodpanda Rider

After the FoodPana rider delivers the order to the customer, they can choose from two payment options.

  • Pay online for the order
  • Cash on delivery

Foodpanda riders must deposit their daily earnings before 12 am each night to the Foodpanda account. The payment can be made through Jazz Cash or HBL by providing the rider ID. It is important for Foodpanda riders to adhere to this requirement.

Advantages of Being a FoodPanda Rider

  • Flexible timings: full-time, part-time, selective days
  • Operate in your own zone
  • Use your own motorbike
  • Use your own mobile phone