5 Best Tools to Create Resume 2023

Are you searching to create resume for your upcoming job prospect? Peruse this article to discover the five most exceptional resume builder tools that can assist you in creating an outstanding and impressive resume that will land you the coveted first interview or gig.

These tools are designed to help you create a well-structured resume, rectify errors, and optimize for the applicant tracking system (ATS) employed by significant corporations. Continue reading to identify the best resume builder tool suited for your needs and secure your next job.

Five best Create resume builder tools in 2023

1. Zety (zety.com)

Create Resume

Out of all the applications on our list, Zety stands out as the most customizable resume maker. With Zety, you have the flexibility to modify every aspect of your resume, such as fonts, spacing, color, and format, to your liking.

The app offers a diverse selection of unique resume templates that you can choose from to create your preferred format. You can effortlessly design a simple resume, CV, and cover letter that aligns with your style and preference.

Zety allows you to quickly and easily add pre-made resume content for the job description, summary, and other relevant information. If you are constructing a resume for social media marketing & management, you can also add social media handles using Zety.

Key Features:

  • Zety boasts a flexible text editor
  • 20+ customizable resume templates
  • The app offers an easy-to-use interface
  • It is highly customizable to meet your preferences
  • You get unlimited printing and downloads
  • Zety offers a resume check that provides suggestions to improve your resume
  • Free resume designing is included
  • There are limitless letter variations
  • You can save your resume in Word, PDF, and TXT format


Zety offers a free trial for its services. You only pay when you’re ready to download your resume. There are three different pricing plans available based on subscription time:

  • 14 days access – $2.70
  • Monthly access – $5.95
  • Yearly access – $71.40

Additionally, Zety offers a 14-day refund policy, so you can buy any plan without worrying about it.

2. VisualCV (www.visualcv.com)


We tested another top-tier online resume builder – VisualCV – and found it to be a high-quality option for job seekers. VisualCV offers a dual editing window where you can create a new resume from scratch or upload and edit an existing one.

In the free version, you have access to three unique resume templates, but upgrading to the pro version gives you 15 more customizable options. VisualCV’s visual editor allows for easy changes to fonts, colors, and other design elements for a polished and professional look.

With VisualCV, you can manage multiple resume versions from a single dashboard, and even track analytics to see how many times your resume has been viewed and downloaded.

Key features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Unlimited PDF downloads
  • Hosted resume website
  • Manage multiple resumes
  • Data and privacy control
  • Live preview
  • Export to MS Word
  • Get feedback on your resume


VisualCV offers a free sign-up option to create and download your first resume in PDF format, but keep in mind that it will include VisualCV branding. To remove the branding and unlock additional features, such as more templates and analytics tracking, you can subscribe to their pro plan for $18 per month.

Please note that all information provided is accurate as of the article’s publication date and is subject to change.

3. Enhancv


Enhancv is a robust instrument fortified with a user-friendly interface that offers an assorted range of templates for you to select from, facilitating the process of generating a personalized resume. Once the initial draft is complete, obtain constructive feedback from your peers with Enhancv’s cutting-edge content analysis tool.

Opt for your preferred segment and hit the “Add to Resume” tab, and witness the creation of an outstanding performance-based CV that trumps its career-oriented counterparts. Additionally, Enhancv offers tips and examples to streamline the designing procedure.

Prominent features of Enhancv encompass optimized beginner usage, a selection of four exclusive layouts, GDPR compliant content analyzer, the ability to add any section and rearrange segments to fit your needs, aesthetic fonts, 15 different backgrounds to choose from, and Application Tracking System (ATS) friendly.

Enhancv presents itself as a premium resume builder; you can embark on a seven-day trial before investing. The pricing plans for Enhancv are as follows:

Annual subscription – $10.99 per month

Quarterly subscription – $14.99 per month

Monthly subscription – $19.99 per month

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4. ResumeGenius


Behold, a digital wizardry that boasts of crafting a comprehensive resume in a meager 15-minute span.

If you find the art of fashioning a resume tedious, you might want to consider the aid of this instrument. By responding to a few inquiries, it can infuse your CV with all the necessary components.

Embark on your professional journey by selecting a suitable template for your business resume. As you move forward, you’ll encounter a drop-down menu for each section of your resume. Upon completion, you may share your polished resume on professional platforms like Indeed by marking the appropriate box.

Dwelling deeper into its features, you shall come across 17 sublime resume templates, numerous download options, limitless resume variations, 50+ CV templates, resume critique, job search, and tracking tools, as well as one-click export options (PDF/MS Word).

To obtain a copy of your newly minted draft, you must choose a plan and download it accordingly. You can opt for a 14-day trial, which costs a nominal sum of $1.95 or a monthly plan that amounts to $7.85.

5. Resume

5. Resume

With the ingeniously christened Resume Tool, the span between enrollment and curriculum vitae creation is negligible. The moment you register, three alternatives will be presented before you. You have the option of providing a pre-existing curriculum vitae, beginning from scratch, or utilizing a predesigned blueprint.

The editor and design interface have been separated to enhance user-friendliness. However, the exemplary curricula vitae are the hallmark of this tool. Modify extant curricula vitae samples to concoct a proficient one that caters to your area of expertise.

This is an exemplary choice if you are searching for a complimentary online curriculum vitae crafting utility.

Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Four different download formats
  • Resume and CV samples
  • Separate styling window
  • Print/email available


This resume builder is available for free.

Creating an attention-grabbing curriculum vitae is imperative to surpassing other job applicants. To summarize, the top five curriculum vitae building utilities, in our estimation, are:

  1. Zety – A choice with extensive customization, pre-designed templates, and cost-effective monthly pricing.
  2. VisualCV – Employ feedback to enhance your curriculum vitae.
  3. Enhancv – A professional, yet personalized curriculum vitae to aid in securing employment.
  4. ResumeGenius – Forge an exquisite curriculum vitae in just minutes.
  5. Resume – The optimal curriculum vitae builder, free of charge.

To conclude, there are numerous curriculum vitae builder tools available in the market today, and the aforementioned five are among the best. These tools offer a range of features to aid in the creation of an exceptional curriculum vitae that stands out to potential employers. Whether it’s affordability, customization, professional/personal balance, speed, or free usage, there is a curriculum vitae builder tool suitable for every individual’s requirements.