Erasmus Mundus Fully Funded Scholarships in Europe 2024-25

Erasmus Mundus Fully Funded Scholarships in Europe 2024-25
Erasmus Mundus Fully Funded Scholarships in Europe 2024-25

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for the 2023-24 academic year are open for application to global students. Candidates worldwide have the opportunity to submit online applications for comprehensive scholarships, covering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs.

The scholarship selection particularly encourages all high-achieving students with excellent academic and extracurricular backgrounds to partake in this program. It’s important to note that numerous scholarships aimed at both local and international students necessitate no prior coursework prerequisites.

Any student with a keen interest in interdisciplinary learning has the chance to vie for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students in the year 2023-24. Additionally, those interested can also seek admission to the Imperial College of London Scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year in the UK, which are fully funded.

The Erasmus Mundus program is inviting applications for scholarships aimed at international students for the academic year 2024-25. These scholarships are available at over 3 to 4 distinct universities across Europe.

In the year 2024-25, a total of 2,800 Fully Funded Scholarships have been granted to international students through the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships program.

This presents a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking scholarships for Master’s and PhD programs abroad, particularly those with a lesser CGPA in their academic pursuits.

Applications will be open throughout the entire year. All completed applications must be turned in prior to the closing date. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, designed for global scholars, includes Complimentary Airfare, Lodging, Meals, Monthly Allowance, Complete Visa Charges, Medical Coverage, Educational Costs, and Complimentary Textbooks.

The most fantastic aspect is the absence of an obligation to come back to the home country. A work visa will also be provided upon fulfillment of a Master’s/PhD program. Students are required to submit their applications for the Biola University Scholarships in the USA for the academic year 2024-25 [Full Funding].

Erasmus Mundus Fully Funded Scholarships in Europe 2024-25 Description

Scholarship CountryEurope, and other Countries
Host InstituteMultiple Universities in Europe
Course LevelBachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees
Financial CoverageFully Funded
Who is Eligible?International Students
Deadline DateMarch 2024

Scholarships Benefits

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in Europe offer a comprehensive scholarship opportunity for global students. The program encompasses various expenses as outlined below:

  • No prior job experience necessary.
  • No GRE prerequisites.
  • IELTS not obligatory.
  • The Scholarship spans 2 years for Master’s and 3 years for PhD studies.
  • Candidates from all nations eligible for the 2023-24 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students.
  • Applicants awaiting results also qualify for the International Student Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.
  • Selected students receive a monthly allowance ranging from 1100 to 1200 Euros.
  • Covers entire tuition fees.
  • Includes travel allowance.
  • Complimentary international air tickets.
  • No obligation to return to the home country.
  • Job visa attainable upon Master’s/PhD completion, with potential for post-degree work opportunities in Europe.

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Documents Required

  • Diploma from Secondary School
  • Form for Applying
  • List of Financial Resources
  • Copy of Passport/National ID
  • Scholarship Recommendation
  • Crafting a Strong CV for Scholarships or Jobs
  • Expression of Intent
  • Official Documentation
  • Letter of Motivation. Access Here
  • Proposed Research
  • Educational Strategy

How to Apply

Prospective applicants are invited to submit online applications for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships catering to global students. The application window for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students is accessible within the specified dates as indicated on the respective universities’ official websites.

  • To access the Erasmus Mundus directory, simply launch the catalog, navigate to the Master Programs section, meticulously review each individual program, and single out your requisite program of choice.
  • For further details regarding courses and the application process, reach out to the designated coordinators listed on the program’s webpage.
  • Each program maintains a distinct website. Locate the designated platform and scour for vital details, encompassing eligibility prerequisites, mandatory paperwork, and other pertinent guidelines. Subsequently, complete the application in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Applicants who successfully advance past the initial application screening phase will receive notification of their online interview via email. Notably, certain programs may not necessitate an interview; therefore, there’s no need for concern if your chosen program follows this criterion.
  • Candidates chosen for the scholarship opportunity will undergo a final Skype interview as part of the selection process.

Last Date to Apply

The cutoff date for submitting applications for 2024-25 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships targeting global students in Europe is March 2024.

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