Approval Notifications for Posting Adjustments and Transfers

The Peshawar branch of the Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa released a notification on October 17, 2023, regarding the endorsement of all posting adjustments and transfers of IT Cadre Officers.

Approval Notifications for Posting Adjustments and Transfers

The Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, has issued a comprehensive notification. This notification states that the competent authority has given approval for all transfers, adjustments, postings, and similar administrative tasks, as well as the handling of service records and related matters, to be handled by the Information Technology (IT) Cadre.

This encompasses the role of Assistant Director (IT) in BPS-17 and Computer Operator in BPS-16. These processes will be overseen and managed by the Assistant Director (IT) in BPS-17, Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan, the current incumbent. The Assistant Director (Administrative) of this Directorate will not have any future supervisory responsibilities.

Likewise, cases concerning the Assistant Director (IT) in BPS-17 will be managed and directed to the Deputy Director of Establishment, Male-II. The supervision of Computer Operators in the BPS-16 Cadre will be under the purview of the Deputy Director of Establishment, Male-I.

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Terms and Conditions

The entire procedure will be concluded according to the subsequent stipulations:

The IT/DDU Assistant Director in charge of this Directorate oversees the matters concerning the Establishment Wing/Section, which encompass:

1. The initial hiring process

2. Assignments and reassignments

3. Advancements

4. Actions taken in accordance with the ED Rules -2011

5. Concerns and complaints

6. ACRs/PERs (Annual Confidential Reports/Performance Evaluation Reports)

7. Regulations and rules governing service

8. Protocols

9. Relaxations in age requirements

10. Secondment

11. Departure from service

12. Priority based on seniority for IT Cadre Staff at BPS-16 level

13. Directorates

14. Affiliated Departments

15. Personnel working in DEO/DDEO/SDEO offices, both male and female, across KPK.

In the future, the AD-IT/DDO will handle all sorts of coordination with Districts, as well as the E&SE Departments of KPK.

The AD-IT -I/DDU will be in charge of all previous records, official correspondences, and related files. The Admin Section of this Directorate is mandated to transfer these records to the specified Authority.

The Computer Operators will be accountable for maintaining records in both digital and physical formats. This includes seniority lists and all other establishment matters falling under the jurisdiction of AD-IT/DDU in the future.

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