Suzuki Alto Instalment Plan Meezan Bank’s Car Ijarah Reliable Scheme 2023

The Pakistani auto bazaar offers the Suzuki Alto Instalment Plan 660cc from Meezan Bank Car Ijarah with both an automatic and manual transmission and an array of versions comprising VX, VXR, VXL, and AGS.

Every version showcases its own one-of-a-kind characteristics and technicalities, albeit they all share similar aspects, such as airbags, seatbelts, anti-lock braking systems, four-passenger accommodation, drink holders, air conditioning, and start/stop buttons.

The Suzuki Alto is a versatile urban automobile that can navigate diverse terrains in Pakistan with remarkable fuel competence of 18-20 kilometers per liter and a fuel capacity of 27 liters, given that it is adequately preserved.

Meezan Bank is offering a Car Ijarah automated loan scheme that allows interest-free financing for purchasing an automobile similar to the Suzuki Alto.

You may choose installments that are suitable and feasible for you, with varying equity alternatives available for diverse durations. The cost of Suzuki Alto VXL AGS in Pakistan is Rs. 2,795,000. Beneath is the five-year installment plan for Suzuki Alto in 2023.

Meezan Bank’s Car Ijarah Scheme

Suzuki Alto Instalment
Image Credit: Meezan Bank

Suzuki Alto Instalment Plan

Price EquityDeposit Processing feeTotal UpfrontRent per month
Rs. 2,795,00015%Rs. 419,250 +Rs 2,500Rs. 421,750Rs. 77885
Rs. 2,795,00020%Rs. 559,000 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 561,500Rs. 73,701
Rs. 2,795,00025%Rs. 698,750 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 701,250Rs. 69,517
Rs. 2,795,00030%Rs. 838,500 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 841,000Rs. 65,332
Rs. 2,795,00035%Rs. 978,250 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 980,750Rs. 61,148
Rs. 2,795,00040%Rs. 1,118,000 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 1,120,500Rs. 56,964
Rs. 2,795,00045%Rs. 1,257,750 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 1,260,250Rs. 52,780
Rs. 2,795,00050%Rs. 1,397,500 + Rs. 2,500Rs. 1,400,000Rs. 48,596

It is imperative to acknowledge that the 2023 Suzuki Alto installment plan offered by Meezan Bank is contingent on the present cost of the vehicle.

Due to the capricious nature of economic circumstances, prices may vary, and the bank officials will establish the conclusive installment plan. To obtain a rudimentary estimate of installments for divergent durations and other versions, Meezan Bank’s Car Ijarah Calculator can be employed.