Bank of Punjab: Job Opportunities in Pakistan 2023

The Bank of Punjab, a top financial institution in Pakistan, recently announced multiple job openings, offering an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking employment. The bank seeks qualified candidates who can contribute to its ongoing growth and success, as it upholds a commitment to excellence and innovation in the banking sector. With a fair and unbiased selection process, the bank ensures equal opportunity employment without any discriminatory bias.

Equal Opportunity Employment:

Bank of Punjab

The Bank of Punjab gives top priority to Equal Opportunity Employment and emphasizes a selection process that avoids discrimination. The bank evaluates candidates’ academic qualifications, skills, experience, and talent when selecting and appointing staff members. This approach guarantees that individuals from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to pursue a career at the bank.

Career Development Programs:

The Bank of Punjab prepares its employees for workplace challenges by offering comprehensive career development programs. These programs cater to the specific needs of the staff and the bank, and are available at all levels within the organization. Employees can enhance their skills and knowledge through these programs, which contribute to their professional growth and overall career advancement.

Human Resource Policies for Career Progression:

The Bank of Punjab maintains well-defined Human Resource policies that actively support the career progression and growth of its staff. These policies encompass staff evaluation, job rotation, job enrichment, promotions, and succession planning. By implementing these practices, the bank ensures that employees can seize opportunities for advancement and personal development within the organization.

Competitive Compensation Philosophy:

The bank follows a compensation philosophy that promotes consistency and equity among its employees. The Bank of Punjab strives to match its remuneration packages with industry standards, guaranteeing fair and competitive compensation for employee contributions. This approach not only attracts top talent but also cultivates a motivated and dedicated workforce.

Job Vacancies Bank of Punjab 2023:

Job Title/DescriptionPlace of PostingGrade RangeFromToLocation
Branch ManagerUpper Dir BranchOG-II TO AVP-I10/05/202322/05/2023Apply Now!
Branch ManagerAkora Khattak BranchOG-II TO AVP-I10/05/202322/05/2023Apply Now!
Branch ManagerDarosh Chitral BranchOG-II TO AVP-I10/05/202322/05/2023Apply Now!
Lead Digital Solutions Analyst Digital BankingLahoreVP I TO VP10/05/202325/05/2023Apply Now!
Lead Digital Experience Analyst Digital BankingLahoreVP I TO VP10/05/202325/05/2023Apply Now!
Manager ArchivingLahoreAVP to VP12/05/202324/05/2023Apply Now!
Team Leader – Account Opening UnitLahoreOG-1 to AVP-112/05/202324/05/2023Apply Now!
Team Leader – Follow UpLahoreOG-1 to AVP-112/05/202324/05/2023Apply Now!
Team Leader – Services Registration and Profile UpdateLahoreOG-1 to AVP-112/05/202324/05/2023Apply Now!
Senior Manager – Services Registration and Profile UpdateLahoreVP-1 to VP12/05/202324/05/2023Apply Now!
Analyst Fintech PartnershipsLahoreOG-I TO AVP-I15/05/202329/05/2023Apply Now!
Digital Product AnalystLahoreOG-II TO OG-I15/05/202329/05/2023Apply Now!
Department Head Compliance GovernanceLahoreVP TO SVP-115/05/202328/05/2023Apply Now!
Department Head Compliance AssuranceLahoreVP TO SVP-115/05/202328/05/2023Apply Now!
Department Head Regularity ComplianceLahoreVP TO SVP-115/05/202328/05/2023Apply Now!
Divisional Head Regularity Compliance and Fraud Risk ManagementLahoreSVP TO EVP-115/05/202328/05/2023Apply Now!
Senior Software EngineerLahoreOG-1 TO AVP17/05/202331/05/2023Apply Now!
Lead Digital Products – Retail Finance and AgriLahoreVP-1 TO VP17/05/202330/05/2023Apply Now!