Airblue Announces Employment Opportunities Nationwide in Pakistan

Airblue, a leading airline in Pakistan, embarks on a mission to construct an organization comprising highly accomplished individuals who prioritize safety, prioritize service, embrace innovation, and possess a strong drive to succeed. Airblue upholds a steadfast commitment to excellence, ensuring the utmost level of safety, delivering exceptional service to its guests, and cultivating a culture that fosters innovation.

Opportunities for Growth:


Airblue, a leading airline in Pakistan, eagerly announces numerous job openings in diverse departments and locations throughout the country. These positions offer outstanding prospects for individuals aspiring to grow and advance within the aviation industry. Airblue seeks talented individuals to join its dynamic team in customer service, operations, administration, or technical roles.

Package and Extensive Training Program:

Airblue acknowledges the importance of its employees and provides a competitive compensation package with appealing benefits. Alongside financial rewards, Airblue also offers comprehensive training programs, ensuring employees possess the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their positions. The airline actively invests in the professional growth of its workforce, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Airblue’s Bold Strategy for the Post-Pandemic Era:

The aviation industry is rebounding from the challenges posed by the pandemic, and Airblue is actively positioning itself for recovery and expansion. To meet the increasing demands of its customers and seize new opportunities in the evolving market, Airblue is expanding its workforce. Joining Airblue at this crucial time presents employees with the opportunity to contribute to the airline’s growth and be part of its success story.

How to Apply

Interested individuals can visit Airblue’s official website or contact the airline’s HR department to explore the available job openings and submit their applications. The website provides detailed information about each position, including job requirements and application procedures. It is encouraged for applicants to submit their applications online and include all relevant documents.

Revamping Airblue’s Hiring Procedure:

Airblue, a company that prides itself on its fair and transparent recruitment process, thoroughly reviews all applications and shortlists candidates who meet the criteria for further evaluation. The selection process, which may include interviews, assessments, and background checks, aims to ensure the selection of the most suitable candidates. Airblue is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunities and selecting candidates based on merit.

Job Vacancies in Airblue:

Department:Position:Location:Number of Openings:
AeromedicalMedical CoordinatorKHI – Airport1
 Medical OfficerKHI – Airport1
 Flight SurgeonLHE – Airport1
 Medical OfficerLHE – Airport1
Airside OperationsSpecialist AirsideLHE – Airport1
 Associate AirsideMUX – Airport2
Call CenterCall Center CounselorISB – Call Center4
CommercialDistrict ManagerAUH- City office1
 Travel CounselorISB – Airport1
 District ManagerISB – City Office1
 General Manager CommercialISB – Corporate HQT1
 Travel CounselorKDU – City Office1
 Travel CounselorKHI – Airport1
 Client Relations ExecutiveKHI – City Office1
 District ManagerKHI – City Office1
 Travel CounselorMUX – Airport2
 Travel CounselorRWP – City Office1
 Travel CounselorSHJ – City Office1
Corporate PlanningAssistant ManagerISB – Corporate HQT1
 ExecutiveISB – Corporate HQT1
EngineeringEngineer AWM – Power PlantISB – Airport1
 Engineer MCCISB – Airport1
 Equipment TechnicianISB – Airport1
 Manager MCCISB – Airport1
 Mechanic – AerospaceISB – Airport2
 Mechanic – AvionicsISB – Airport1
 Supervisor – NDT ShopISB – Airport1
 Supervisor – Structure Repair ShopISB – Airport1
 Supervisor – Wheel ShopISB – Airport1
 Technician – AerospaceISB – Airport1
 Technician – AvionicsISB – Airport2
 Technician – Battery ShopISB – Airport1
 Technician – Oxygen ShopISB – Airport1
 Aircraft Engineer – AerospaceKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Assistant Engineer AWMKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Engineer AWMKHI – Engineering Complex2
 Executive Planning & Production ControlKHI – Engineering Complex1
 General Manager AWMKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Mechanic – AerospaceKHI – Engineering Complex2
 Mechanic – AvionicsKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Mechanic – Oxygen ShopKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Mechanic Aerospace – StructureKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Planning EngineerKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Technician – AerospaceKHI – Engineering Complex2
 Technician – AvionicsKHI – Engineering Complex2
 Technician – Battery ShopKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Technician – Oxygen ShopKHI – Engineering Complex1
 Aircraft Engineer – AerospaceLHE – Airport1
 Mechanic – AvionicsLHE – Airport1
 Store KeeperLHE – Airport1
 Technician – AerospaceLHE – Airport1
 Technician – AvionicsLHE – Airport1
Flight OperationsCadet PilotISB – Airport20
 CaptainISB – Airport1
 First OfficerISB – Airport1
 CaptainKHI – Airport1
 First OfficerKHI – Airport1
 CaptainLHE – Airport1
 First OfficerLHE – Airport1
Flight Operations ControlFlight Operations OfficerISB – Corporate HQT1
 General ManagerISB – Corporate HQT1
Flight ServicesCabin CrewISB – Airport5
 Cabin Crew – TraineeISB – Airport3
 Designated Checked Cabin CrewISB – Airport1
 Lead Cabin CrewISB – Airport4
 Performance ExecutiveISB – Airport1
 General Manager Flight ServicesISB – Corporate HQT1
 Assistant Manager Flight ServicesKHI – Airport1
 Cabin Crew – TraineeKHI – Airport4
 Designated Checked Cabin CrewKHI – Airport1
 Lead Cabin CrewKHI – Airport4
 Manager Flight ServicesKHI – Airport1
 Performance CoordinatorKHI – Airport1
 Assistant Manager Flight ServicesLHE – Airport1
 Cabin Crew – TraineeLHE – Airport2
 Designated Checked Cabin CrewLHE – Airport1
 Lead Cabin CrewLHE – Airport4
 Performance ExecutiveLHE – Airport2
 Cabin Crew – TraineeMUX – Airport10
 Performance ExecutiveMUX – Airport1
 Cabin Crew – TraineePEW – Airport11
Human ResourcesGeneral Manager Human ResourcesISB – Corporate HQT1
 HR CoordinatorISB – Corporate HQT1
 HR ExecutiveISB – Corporate HQT1
Internal AuditExecutive Internal AuditISB – Corporate HQT1
MarketingGraphic DesignerISB – Corporate HQT1
 Marketing ExecutiveISB – Corporate HQT1
MISJunior Network Operations EngineerISB – Airport1
 Software DeveloperISB – Corporate HQT1
 UI/UX DeveloperISB – Corporate HQT1