Air New Zealand Hiring Pilots, Cabin Crew & Engineers

Air New Zealand currently conducts a substantial recruitment drive, presenting a diverse array of career opportunities across multiple departments. Whether you aspire to join the cabin crew, engage in airline or airport operations, pursue engineering or piloting, specialize in IT or corporate roles, or explore cargo operations, Air New Zealand caters to a wide range of interests. This article aims to furnish you with comprehensive insights into recent job vacancies, application procedures, and salary details, empowering you to make well-informed decisions while applying for a suitable position at Air New Zealand.

Cargo Jobs at Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

The Cargo department holds great importance within Air New Zealand and actively seeks skilled workers. It comprises three sub-branches: National Cargo Handlers, International Cargo Receivers and Movers, and Ground Cargo Operations. You can explore various job opportunities in these areas, such as cargo handlers, national cargo operators, import/export officers, safety and standards personnel, airline clerks/warehouse agents, and commercial or sales officers.

Engineering Department Jobs

The Engineering department in Air New Zealand plays a crucial role and currently has job vacancies in five different designations for 2023. These positions include Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Graduate Trainee Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, Supply Chain Engineers, and Engineering Support Professionals. If you are interested in becoming a Graduate Trainee Engineer, you will need an undergraduate degree in electronics, engineering science, mechanical, or mechatronics engineering. Aeronautical engineering roles require a bachelor’s degree in electronics, mechanical, or mechatronics, along with a minimum of five years of work experience.

To work as a maintenance engineer at Air New Zealand, you must have a high school certificate and a NEBOSH diploma at the national certificate level 4. Alternatively, you can have completed a traineeship or apprenticeship in the aircraft industry, or possess relevant work experience as fitters or aircraft RNZAF technicians. For those interested in the supply chain department, qualifications in supply chain management or logistics-related subjects, coupled with industry experience, are preferred. Support engineers are required to hold LAME, NZIM, or NZCE diploma certificates, as well as demonstrate proven work experience.

Air New Zealand offers competitive salaries and benefits across these departments, ensuring a rewarding career experience for its employees.

Cabin Crew Jobs at Air New Zealand

In 2023, Air New Zealand offers two types of cabin crew vacancies: Cabin Crew Manager and Flight Attendant. As a flight attendant, you should possess problem-solving skills, exhibit a team player attitude, and have a minimum of 18 months’ experience in customer service work. Flight attendants often advance to the position of onboard leaders and eventually become Cabin Crew Managers after gaining experience at Air New Zealand. If you have an interest in exploring cabin crew jobs at Air New Zealand, it is recommended to start your journey now.