Harvard University of America | History & Facts

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History of Harvard University of America

Harvard University of America first opened its doors in 1636, making it the oldest higher education institution in the United States. ###The Early Years In its early days, Harvard College focused on educating Congregational ministers. The college was named after its first benefactor, John Harvard, a clergyman. It started with just eight students in a single building.

Growth and Expansion

By the mid-1700s, Harvard began offering studies in science, medicine, and law. This expansion of the curriculum attracted more students and faculty. New buildings were constructed to accommodate the growth.

The Modern University

In the late 19th century, Harvard transitioned into a modern university. It established graduate schools for business, dentistry, education, and public health. This diversification strengthened Harvard’s reputation as a premier academic institution.

A Global Leader

Today, Harvard is a highly prestigious global leader in both undergraduate and graduate education. It has around 6,800 undergraduate students and over 14,000 graduate students. Harvard consists of 13 schools focused on arts and sciences, business, design, education, government, law, medicine, public health, and theology.

Through its long and illustrious history, Harvard University has educated leaders in all walks of life. It has also produced groundbreaking research discoveries in various fields that have shaped and improved the world. Harvard’s enduring impact on higher education is a testament to its founding principles of excellence, innovation, and leadership.

Academic Programs at Harvard University of America

Harvard University of America offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs across many areas of study. ###Undergraduate Degrees

As an undergraduate, you can choose from over 45 majors ranging from the humanities to the social sciences to STEM fields. Harvard has an open curriculum, so you’re free to explore different areas of interest before declaring a major. Some of the most popular majors are Economics, Computer Science, and Psychology.

Graduate and Professional Degrees

Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s, consider one of Harvard’s many graduate programs. The university offers master’s and Ph.D. degrees in nearly every department. For those interested in law, business, medicine, or education, Harvard’s professional schools grant J.D., M.B.A., M.D., and Ed.M. degrees respectively.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Some of Harvard’s most innovative programs cross departmental lines. For example, the Harvard Data Science program combines statistics, computer science, and domain expertise. The Harvard Graduate School of Education offers degrees in Learning and Teaching as well as Education Policy, Planning and Administration. Harvard’s School of Public Health features master’s programs in areas like Health Policy and Global Health.

With world-class professors and extensive resources, Harvard provides an education tailored to your interests. An undergraduate or graduate degree from Harvard opens doors to a successful career and a lifetime of opportunity. So if you’re looking for an inspiring place to study, consider Harvard University of America.

Student Life at Harvard University of America

As a student at Harvard University of America, you’ll experience an active campus life with over 400 student clubs and organizations to choose from. Whatever your interests or passions, there’s a club for you.### Academic and Professional Clubs

If you want to boost your resume or network within your field of study, academic and professional clubs are a great option. Clubs like the Finance Club, Consulting Club, and Technology and Engineering Club offer opportunities to learn practical skills, hear from industry leaders, and connect with like-minded students.

Cultural and Diversity Clubs

With a diverse, international student body, Harvard University of America celebrates different cultures and identities. Cultural clubs represent nationalities from China to Colombia, while diversity clubs support groups like the Black Student Association, Queer Students Association, and Interfaith Council. These clubs organize cultural events, discussions, and offer a community for students of all backgrounds.

Sports and Recreation

Need an escape from your studies? Sports and recreation clubs provide opportunities to get active and socialize. With over 20 NCAA Division I sports teams and dozens of recreational sports clubs, there’s something for athletes of all levels. If you prefer less strenuous activities, try clubs for yoga, dance, gaming, or outdoor recreation.

Community Service

Many students participate in community service to give back locally and globally. Groups like Habitat for Humanity, Best Buddies, and Engineers Without Borders organize volunteer opportunities to support causes like poverty, education, and healthcare. Participating in community service is a meaningful way to make a difference while connecting with like-minded peers.

The variety of student clubs ensures you’ll never experience a dull moment at Harvard University of America. With many events and activities throughout the year, campus life is constantly buzzing. Joining a few clubs that match your interests is the best way to get involved, broaden your horizons, and make lasting friendships. You’ll find your home away from home in no time!


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